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Targeting options

The available filters are linked to various data layers. You can filter locations by: official location, typical work location, typical sleep location, typical weekend location, recent location, current location (Location based campaigns – LBS).

Target groups can further be filtered by: age, gender, travel habits, used services, banking affiliation, financial indicators and many more.

Currently Market Locator enables targeting in Slovakia via Slovak Telekom and Orange Slovakia.

In Slovakia you can address more than 1 .7 million people, who have provided consent to their mobile provider to receive ocational 3rd party campaigns. The contact policy towards end users is max one message / 14 days.

Yes. In the Market Locator you can manage your lists of customers, build your own online registration form or allow signup to a list via SMS. You can always load these lists via CSV import.

You can then use these lists in SMS camapaigns.

Service pricing

The price of one SMS message depends on the type of campaign and subsequently from the bidding process.

  • A targeted SMS cost starts from 0,1 EUR / 160 characters.
  • LBS geolocation SMS messages start at 0,25 EUR / 160 characters.
  • Campaign to own list of customers starts at 0,06 EUR / 160 characters.
  • Every extra 160 characters costs 0,05 EUR.

Basic targeting is already included in the Analytics & Marketing plans. This allows you to target according to the official address, age and gender. Additional data layers are priced from 25 EUR / month.

After registration you have a one month free trial of the Analytics & Marketing Plan that enables you to create campaigns and analyze data on a map. After a month, you can choose one of three plans – Analytics (used only for analysts), Analytics & Marketing (allows you to create campaigns), Value Analytics & Marketing (same as A & M, but contains more credits).

We recommend choosing the Value Analytics & Marketing for longer periods, in which case you can receive more credit than you actually paid for the access.

We do not charge your credit card automatically after the passing of your purchase period.

The plan provides access to multiple features of Market Locator and to your account.

You can choose between these three plans:

1.) Analytics – it serves for analytical purposes allowing you to use the powerful heat-map and distribution graph visualization featrues to plan your store location, understand the competition etc. It includes single user access to the tool, the Basic Socio – demo layer for Slovakia and possibility to purchase other data layers from the store.

2.) Analytics & Marketing – contains all that of Analytics plus has the added capability to deliver targeted campaigning.

Target clients based on data layer filters,
access to 1,7 mil. client base, Location based (LBS) targeting.

*all prices are without VAT
Bonus credits can used for campaigns & you can split them how you want, it’s up to you when you can spend them.

Market Locator’s advantage is that you are flexible in the use of the solution.

E.g. If you know that the your marketing effort is a one-off effort, just purchase a plan for the period (month, quarter, half year).

Additionally top up credit for your campaigns based on your budget you plan to invest into marketing in the selected period. You can also then use these credits within the Market Locator store.

We recommend a minimum of €200, with this you will be able to reach about 2000 people. (Minimum budget for the creation of a campaign is €100).

If your plan expires, the credit will remain in your Market Locator wallet & will wait for you until the next activation of the plan. Credits are valid for one year from purchase.

Location intelligence

We base the insights in Market Locator on the anonymized & aggregated data of 1.7 milion SIM cards (>50% of the Slovak population) & their movement. Due to the technical nature of mobile service provision the precision level in cities is higher (up to a precision of approx. 150m), outside of cities the precision is lower (often >1km).

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