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You can contact millions of anonymized mobile users through direct SMS, MMS and email campaigns in compliance with GDPR.

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How clients use Market Locator

Whether you are searching for statistics about your neighborhood, or looking for a way to attract new customers – we are here to help.

Create special offers delivered e.g. by SMS when a customer is close by to increase impulse visits.

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Target campaigns based on dozens of characteristics. Deliver the message via email, SMS, billboard etc.

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Identify the ideal place for your business & estimate its potential.

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Discover how many people live in a certain area, how many work there or what their socio-demo profile is.

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Features of campaigning

Precisely targeted communication

Deliver your message to exactly the right audience in the right place. Telco big data will allow you to deliver hyper-targeted communication via SMS, MMS, email, billboards, TV, post or local radio. All self-service.

Features of campaigning

Deliver the message where it matters

The right time to act is when the customer is close by. Market Locator will deliver your message to the target group when the come close to your selected location.

Features of campaigning

Manage your own contacts

Create subscription lists, blacklist or whitelist customers, create powerful automations and send e.g. SMS messages to your own lists. Its all very easy with Market Locator lists.

Features of campaigning

Apply advanced campaign capabilities

Create complex combinations of target criteria, insert measurable short URLs, send unique coupons, create automated workflows or make use of reply-back messages.

Features of analytics

Put telco big data to work

Location intelligence – know your surroundings

How many people live or work in a certain area, what is their age distribution, when are they there? Is a location suitable for my business? Find your answers in Market Locator

Habitual analysis

How many people travel abroad, to how many countries, where do people spend the weekend?

Media profiling

How are channels being watched, what are the regional differences, what is the browsing behavior?

Features of analytics

Visualize your internal data

Combining your private data with the data available in Market Locator will trully unlock the potential of location intelligence. Visualize your own data on top of e.g. telco population insights.

Features of analytics

Smart cities & Smart government

Municipalities and governments are keen to make decisions based on data. Few industries are better positioned than telco to provide this insight and allow a seamless communication with citizens.

Population intelligence

A hard-data understanding of how many people live or work in an area, how they travel to this area or what their profile is essential for infrastructure planning & urbanism.

Origination analytics

Commuter patterns and their understanding help optimize public transport or plan infrastructure and development.

Amber alert & local notifications

The ability to communicate with everyone in an area in case of danger or emergency. Or the ability to keep inhabitans up-to-date. All this is necessary in a properly smart city.

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Contact more than 1.7 million people from 2 major telco operators.

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How it works

Trusted & compliant service

  • Anonymized and aggregated residual telco data is used to prepare statistical data insights in cooperation with 2 major telco providers
  • You can reach anyone with a mobile phone who provided consent to their operator. No GPS or special app needed.
  • No legal issues for you - the telco provider has gathered the legal consents and sends the messages in their name and in compliance with GDPR.
  • High business performace with highly visible communication - messages sent by the telco provider have a high read rate and strict contact policy of the telco providers guarantee interest of customers
  • Strict data policy guarantees the anonymity and privacy of individual users – this is paramount to us.

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Case studies

Inspired by our satisfied customers

Very effective communication solution

We view Market Locator as a very effective communication medium thanks to the high probability that it will be read by recipients and thus potential clients.

34% of customers who came to our bank based on the SMS message activated one of our products.

Location based messaging for impulse visit promotion

Promoting our concerts and venue related events has become much easier with Market Locator.

The reactions from customers is strong and especially use-full are the location based messages delivered when someone is close by.

Boosted number of OBI hobby market visitors

Thanks to Market Locator we where able to increase the number of visitors.

The delivered messages increased the visibility of our special offers resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

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