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Base Maps:

We use multiple base maps. Their respective attribution information is presented in the lower right hand corner of each map. Please respect their respective licences when using them.

Mobile operator data:

We use anonymized & aggregated mobile operator residual data to display population analytical & location intelligence information on the maps in Market Locator. The data (in various extents) is provided by:

  • Slovak Telekom (Slovakia)
  • Orange (Slovakia)
  • O2 (Slovakia)
  • O2 (Czech Republic)
  • T-Mobile (Czech Republic)

This data is propriatery ownership of the respective telco provider and does not leave in a granular form or on a user level the infrastructure of the respective telco operator. 

The privacy and anonymity of end customers is guaranteed. Data processing & targeted message sending at each of the telcos follow the consents provided by customers to their respective telco provider.

Front-end technologies:

Back-end technologies:

Michal Haluza

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