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Market Locator version 13 is now live, loaded with lot’s of new features!

The past couple weeks have been hectic down at the office, with our dev team working late into the night to bring the new release of Market Locator to life before Christmas. And today, around 2am our 13th version of Market Locator went live. Kudos to the entire team!

And what’s in it for you – our customers?

Well… Lot’s of it! Here is an overview:

  • New data and channel provider – welcome O2 Slovakia!
  • Significant increase in number of potential customers – more than 2.5 milion to be exact
  • New Starter plan for small companies and businesses – for only 50 eur / month send 1.000 Location based messages
  • Simplyfied campaign editor for the Starter plan – create your campaigns on the go
  • Reach new companies as they are created with the “New companies” data layer
  • Ability to deliver physical mail parcels to specific addresses
  • Selfservice submission of digital out-of-home advertising
  • Responsive redesign of the main menu
  • Responsive redesgin of all grids for a sleek mobile experience
  • Dashboard – giving you a quick overview of your last campaign
  • Upgraded credit card management
  • Improved subscribe / unsubcribe process for end recipients of campaigns
  • Various minor visual improvements and brand new email templates
  • Easily add Google Maps location link into campaign

And there is still a road-map the size of a proper encyclopedia Britanica… Not to give too much away, but a iOS and Android app is around the corner, huge improvements with working with our lists to use in campaigns, vizualize your data or create really cool surveys. And much much more 🙂 Stay tuned and make your voice heard. Most of the above mentioned improvements where made based on your requests.

Kudos to the awesome core dev team who stood behind this release: Katka Kratka, Stano Miklosik, Juraj Kocan, Miso Elman, Monika Filipcikova, Jan Zelinka, Miro Vali, Peto Capkovic and all the other people who did their small bit here and there.

Matej Misik | Market Locator

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