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Campaign report

Immediately after sent campaign you have available campaign report. Here you can see:

  • Text of SMS message in campaign and targeting
  • When it was sent
  • How many was really sent
  • How much it cost
  • How many people click on your URL (when the message have in body our short URL)
  • “click-through-rate”, how many people click on URL in %

Report you can find:

  • in section “Campaign”
  • click on campaign, which one are you interestet (it must be already sent)
  • in the right in the same line click on “view report”

We cerommend this report after finished campaign download in yours own equipment/repository, where you can come back whenever you need used your reports (you don’t need have active plane).

How you can do that:

  • when you are in open report, in the right side up click on “Get report as pdf”.
Michal Haluza

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