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Creating a billboard campaign

The purchasing of out-of-home (OOH) advertising such as billboards has never been easier. Letting customers know about an upcoming concert, or about your new product can be supported by an appealing visual billboard campaign. Not only can you purchase billboard space in Market Locator, we can also prepare a beautiful billboard for you! In this article we walk you through the process of creating your next billboard campaign.

Select the desired billboards on the map

Create a campaign and set the duration

Upload or order the visual

Submit, Market Locator will take care of the rest

Choosing billboards on the map

When on the Map screen you can enable the various billboard layers in the left menu section – “Filters”. There are different billboard layers for different billboard companies. Zoom the map into the area of your interest and click on the icons representing billboards. You will see a set of detailed information about that billboard. You can also preview the location / billboard on Google Street View in the second tab. Directly from this preview you can select the billboard.

You can further select billboards using the selector tool on the right. You have two options:

  1. Multi-selection: use the black-square rectangle tool on the right and trace a rectangle around the multiple billboards you want. You will notice a circle around these billboards.
  2. Single-selection: use the single selection tool (on the right it is the line with two dots). You can select single billboards and see them highlight.

Once you have selected the billboards go to the left menu and in “Create campaign” click on “Create new campaign”.

Creating your billboard campaign

  • In the campaign wizard choose the billboard channel of the provider you selected on the map.
  • Name: Name your campaign
  • Target: Review the billboards you selected. You can remove or add new billboards. To review or remove a billboard click on the billboard and a menu will appear with “Show” and “Remove” buttons
  • Message: You will be asked to upload visuals for all the types of billboard you have selected. Once you add the image and see the preview you will need to click on “Upload” to send your high resolution image to the server. The solution will verify that your images meet the minimal criteria (size and DPI). If you don’t have a graphic design ready, you can purchase a design on this page. Simply click on purchase design and in the window describe what you need on the billboard. We will get in touch with you to get a more detailed input from your side.
  • When: Choose the calendar months in which you want to display your billboard. You can only select full calendar months. The closest upcoming month can be selected up until the 25th of the current month.
  • Budget: The price is calculated as the sum of the monthly billboard prices multiplied by the number of months your billboard is to be displayed. If you have insufficient budget the system will notify you and show you how many billboards you could purchase with your budget.
  • Confirmation: Review your billboard campaign. If there are any errors you can go back and edit these sections. Once you are ready click on “Submit”. Your campaign will be sent for review to the billboard company, once they approve it you will be notified by email. If the billboard company will make any changes, we will notify you and you will have to review and submit the campaign again.

Ordering the visual for your billboard campaign

As mentioned in the section above we are able to provide help with the creation of a graphic design. Get in touch with us in through the widget in the campaign editor and we will get back to you to iron out the details. One design costs 200 euros and includes one revision with you.

Purchasing a sponsored billboard campaign

You have the unique option of getting a significant discount on your billboards with a minimalistic Market Locator branding. Get in touch with us at

Reviewing any changes on your billboard campaign

If the billboard company makes any changes to your order the campaign will be returned to you for a review. Please check the billboards and if you agree with the settings resubmit your campaign.

What happens after I have submitted my billboard campaign?

The campaign will be sent to the billboard company. They will either approve or review your campaign. Once the campaign has been approved the billboard company will post it during the dates requested. When posted they will change the campaign status to “Sent” and Market Locator will notify you this campaign has been sent. As with any other Market Locator campaign, you will see a report about the campaign details.

Michal Haluza

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