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Data exploration on maps

Market Locator presents in a clear visual form “heat-maps” of population distributions with the possibility to filter the information based on filter criteria. The data are presented in an anonymous and aggregated form so that the privacy and anonymity of individuals is safe-guarded.

To see specific applications of data exploration see the Related articles section at the bottom of this page.

Typical use-cases

Locating your business

Understand where your target clientele lives, works and spends their weekends.

Positioning your offering

Critical to tailoring your offering is understanding how many and what kind of people spend time around your business.

Understand your competition

What is the structure of people in the area around your competition? How are they different? How to reach them?

Place your marketing

Where to place your billboards? Where to send targeted messages to reach the right people?

Analysis of locations

  1. On the map, select your area of interest
  2. In the filters on the left define your target audience from the various data layers available
  3. The map will overlay different colored circles (heatmap), which will show you where the highest density of your target audience resides
  4. Then you can check the reach of available people and contact this target group directly

Heat-maps to identify the presence of the target population

Use of the data layers

Basic socio-demographic

It provides statistics on the “official” population prevalence, as data from the Statistical Office.
Filters: age, gender

Advance socio-demographic

It provides data on the real population movement through standardized locations. Where your target audience is staying during working hours, at night or during the weekend. It also allows objectives on the basis of rich criteria.
 Filters: standardized items (work, sleep, weekend), age, sex, type of mobile phone use mobile data, solvency index.

Michal Haluza

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