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Data layers for marketing targeting and analytics

What kinds of filters are available and what do they allow?

Basic socio-demographic

Provides statistics on the “official” population distribution, similarly as the data from the Statistical Office. The location distribution is based on official address.
 Filters: age, gender.

Advanced socio-demographic

Provides data on the real population movement through standardized locations. This means that you can understand where your target audience stays during work hours, at night or during the weekend. It also allows analysis and targeted based on rich socio-demographic criteria.
 Filters: typical location (work, sleep, weekend), age, gender, type of mobile phone, use of mobile data, wealth index

Travel information

Provides statistics on the travel habits of the population. From which parts of Slovakia do most people travel? From which part of Slovakia did people in the past 3 calendar months travel to Croatia? I want to reach people who were at least four days within the past 3 calendar months abroad…
 Filters: Time (this month, last 3 calendar months, 6 months, 12 months), the number of countries visited, the number of days spent abroad, specific countries visited.

Mobile usage

Provides statistics on the use of extra-paid services and allowes you to use this insight when targeting campaigns. If you need to send a campaign to people with a car then you can target people who use their phone to pay for parking.
 Filters: Time (last 7 days, Last month, three months, six months, 12 months), Services (Audiotext, Charity, Gambling, Gaming, Insurance, Parking, Public Transport, Payments for services)

Financial indicators

Provides insights on financial indicators of the population. If you are a company that is highly dependant on the creditworthiness of clients or have offers based on the bank they use this layer will help you make the right business decisions and target the right customers.
 Filters: Wealth index (corporate, low, medium, high), Index of financial reliability (corporate, Low, Medium, High, Highest), Payment method used to pay telco bills (cash, postal money payment, transfer, direct debit), Bank membership (specific banks).

Recently visited locations

Target people who have been in a specified area in the recent past. Filter according to whether these people where in the area: Yesterday; At least once in the past three days; At least once in the past 7 days; At least two different days in the last 7 days.
 Filters: In the selected are: Yesterday; At least once in the past three days; At least once in the past 7 days; At least two different days in the last 7 days.

How to activate the data layers?

In the Market Locator store you can choose and purchase individual data layers. Some of them are split into regional sublayers – if you only need the insight for a certain part of the country, you need not purchase the entire data layer.

If you have any issues with the shopping experience let us know & get in touch with us through the live chat.

Michal Haluza

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