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How to write hard-hitting SMS

SMS is specific format. From our experience with SMS marketing we prepare short list recommendation, which will ensure maximum effectiveness of your campaign.

Hard-hitting SMS message in mobile SMS marketing

The Problems can be with some special characters, for example €, „“, £, [], {}, this must be not displayed for consignee.
 We recommend to test the functionality of special characters If it do not, implements the common, for example. EUR etc.

Catch the beginning

When you want break the negative reaction at the first moment in addressee, it’s necessary catch him for the first words in SMS message.
 The ideal is to catch them in the essential points of your offer, the main benefit, which hopes to attract interest. It is necessary to make it sufficiently attractive manner, for example. “$ 20 off per …” or “free dinner …” and so on.

We recommend using the most more specific information and avoid general: eg. “You save 15 EUR …” sounds much more attractive than “Get great benefits …”

Interest can also warning exclamation, for example. “Attention!”, “News” and the like.

To really took other content SMS, it is necessary for your offer to choose the right group of recipients – those in whom the true potential and offer a prerequisite for utilization. Those readers will have a natural interest, if the tenders will be addressed.

Less is more

Good SMS message it must be short. When recipient see long text to be read, they will may discourage, therefore we recommended to express briefly and concisely. The ideal length of SMS-s should not exceed 200 characters including spaces.
Keep in mind that the interest of the recipient of your promotional SMS is much lower than yours. Some of them may even be seen as interference. It will be better, when you didn’t wrote long text, which they can give a feel from flooding them. Tell them, your information in the simplest possible way.

Important to HIGHLIGHT, omit irrelevant

The important things are good to highlight, keep them at the forefront. Try change font, you can used caps lock for example – ‘GIFT’ or ‘SALE 30%’ etc. you can also try to combine caps lock and space ‘F R E E’.

Do not overdo it. Highlight just important word, not every second words. It’s necessarily have to focus on one point. When you create all message with caps lock it will be disarranged and highlight sense would be lost. Ideal is highlight one word per one message. Don’t forget the number and shorts are also writing by caps lock and visual feedback thicken amount of highlighted text.

Less relevant information do not put to the message. Try to write as briefly as possible.

Vyhýbajte sa väčšiemu počtu technických a číselných údajov, dátumov, či názvov. Toto rozptyľuje pozornosť čitateľa a zhoršuje čitateľnosť. Dávajte iba tie fakty a informácie, ktoré sú naozaj potrebné pre pochopenie ponuky.

Refers to the conclusions

Don’t forget routed address in the e-shop, sale or on line telephone sales, where they can see more details of message. It is necessary when you can see real sales rate.

Addressee naturally subconsciously expected purchase link at the end of your SMS. So after a hard-hitting attractive introduction and brief explanation of the menu instructions to end your use of the offer.

Instructions on how to create SMS in pdf

Examples attack SMS campaigns

  • Come to squash on weekdays between 9-16h with 50% SALES (5 EUR) do RELAXX in Bratislava. Book on phone n. 123456789.Offer valid until 31.8.2015.
  • Only this week DISCOUNT ON PEDICURE 30% in your favorite in salone! Onlz to Friday 5.6.2015. Demonstrate the kodom X7HW4J
  • Already have now had enough? Join us for an hour of yoga o 16.00 only for 2 EUR! Show this SMS when paying. Only valid today v street Stetinova, Bratislava.
  • Welcome to Aupark. Current runs in S A L E at the store H&M with discounts up to 70%. Come visit us!
  • Come to the movies! The end of August ACTION 1+1 Free tickets to all films at the cinema Lumiere in Bratislava.
  • ALZA.SK discount code: FBA67V. Discount 30 euro pri nakupe nad 100 euro. Apply today for a
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