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LBS – Location based campaigns

Market Locator allows you to send campaigns / information messages based on the current location of your target audience = at the time when someone enters the selected area. Such campaigns are called LBS (location based services) campaigns or Location based targeting. As an example: I arrive to the Parndorf shopping center in Austria and get a message from the mobile phone shop inviting me to visit them: “Visit us to try the new iPhone7! At 16:00 one of you will be in the game to walk home with this great phone! Visit us at Telekom”

When to use a LBS campaign?

Location Based Marketing through LBS campaigns are best when you need to reach customers at the moment, when they are close to your location. To maximize the likelihood that they will pay your shop a visit before they forget.

How to create and configure a LBS campaign?

  1. Select the area to reach on the map – choose the precision with which users are to be targeted. On the right side of the map screen click on the small black square and draw a rectangle around the seelcted area. Click the “Save” button.
  2. In the left menu click on “Create a new campaign”
  3. Select the LBS campaign type and proceed like in any other traditional campaign. In the “Target” tab you will see all the conditions for targeting, along with the specific conditions for LBS. Please note: remove any location related conditions from the Conditions (only leave location conditions in the LBS section).
  4. Set the time range to send (you can choose which days of week are relevant and what times of day)
  5. In the “Budget” tab set the global budget for the entire duration of the campaign (1). Next adjust how much you would like to spend daily, and how many messages at max should be sent per hour (2). Finally set your max bid for one delivered message (3). You can increase these settings even after you have submitted the campaign.
  6. Finish the LBS campaign like you would with any other campaign.
Michal Haluza

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