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Multi-criteria campaigns

You need to target your campaign based on attributes from multiple data layers? When creating a campaign in Market Locator you can mix and match attributes from different data layers to create the combination best resembling your target customer and thus achieve even more precise targeting.

Now you can simply add new conditions to an existing campaign directly from the map (Add a condition to existing campaign), or during the creation of your campaign within the campaign editor by adding several conditions, or by adding additional attributes to existing conditions.

Adding conditions in the Campaign editor

When you want to combine multiple conditions (“OR” operator between them) in the campaign editor (Filter section) select “Add condition”. Then select what attributes you want to have in this condition (they are listed by data layer).

Adding attributes to the conditions

In the condition you can select the attributes you want to add by clicking on the big “+”. Once you select an attribute you will see a new line appear in which you choose the relevant values.

Warning: Filters are applied only to those geo areas for which you purchased the given data layer.

Adding conditions from the map

On the map you also have the possibility to add the currently displayed filters to an existing campaign. In the left menu in “Create Campaign” select “Modify an existing campaign”. This allows you to add new conditions to a campaign. To enter the campaign itself head over to the “Campaigns” page in the top menu and select the desired campaign to continue editing it.

Video tutorial

Watch this video to see how to work with multicriteria campaigns (use filters, add black lists (exclude lists), etc.)

Michal Haluza

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