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Shortened URLs for mobile marketing

In the campaign in Market Locator you can put shortened URL link. Thanks these links you can save test character and after you can see in your report click rate on your link. After you can know how much was your SMS interesting for your customer.

Short URL link insert trough “drop down”, when create template for your mobile marketing. Title of URL link is’t only for your information, don’t worry, your customers can’t see it. Don’t forget put space behind URL link, that he knew the recipient’s mobile phone to interpret.
 Beware if URL links only copy from the original in wording and you didn’t inserting the link directly through our URL shortening, although the link will be clickable, but in a report does not show the information with Clickrate. It is important that the URL link was generated in the current template you are going to use in the current campaign.

Measure the number of clicks

The number of clicks and “click-through-rate” you can continuously monitoring in campaign report  after when you sent your campaigns.

Mobile marketing in Market Locator can be short mesure URL

Own URL links

You can put also yours own link in SMS message (but Market Locator can’t measure click rate). When you put own URL, we recommend in shape: ‘‘. Some phones (like iPhone), when you put your link without ‘www’ it’s not underline and it’s not possible click on.

Michal Haluza

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