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Boosting after Christmas / New Year discounts in a shopping center

Present and promote your shopping center in the relevant catchment area among a specified target group of people. Invite customers who have just purchased something in the area, when they are close by. Show them that you have new or a different approach than your competitors. Show them that money they received as a gift at Christmas, can be spent at your store, and not with your competitors. Tell customers that they do not need to spend their money right away, but they can purchase your gift cards, which can serve as a great gift to make someone happy. For example through effective promotion Market Locator can boost your post-Christmas or New Year sales. With Market Locator let customers immediately receive your personalized advertising messages in the form of a SMS message.

For example, such a target group could be:

  • people of working age from 18 to 60 years
  • with middle and higher credit rating
  • regularly spending the weekend in Bratislava by the position of their own mobile phone

which would in Bratislava allow you to reach:

  • 22,000 people including lower segment or
  • 9,400 people in middle and upper income area

at 0.1 EUR per message, with two campaign waves (initial wave & follow up reminder) such a campaign would cost you € 1,880 to engage visitors from your chosen target group (or € 4400 and including a lower wealth segment).

Each campaign can be sent at your chosen time and repeatedly in waves. Or you can define a message to be sent to moment someone from the target enters the selected area eg. near Einstein Street in Bratislava.

Pro tip: You can also filter out the customers you already have in you customer database or your loyalty card holders by uploading a list of numbers to be black-listed. In this way save money and reach out only to non-clients. Or vice versa, through Market Locator you can send campaigns only to your own customer base, but only to those who are for example currently in Bratislava based on telco data.

Get in touch to learn more, or simply just give it a try on your own.

Matej Misik | Market Locator

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