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Go to market strategy: Utilizing telco big data to locate & promote your new business

With the upcoming entrance to the Slovak market of the successful franchise Starbucks Coffee, we prepared a case study to demonstrate how Market Locator is an essential tool for a go to market – from the decision on where to locate, all the way to inviting new customers for the grand opening.

Market Locator is here to help throughout the life cycles of a company. In this article we look at launching on a new market, or for well-established firms, planning to open a new facility in a unexplored location. This example is only illustrative and fictional, has nothing to do with named companies.

Key steps in a go-to-market with the help of Market Locator

  • Location intelligence for location potential understanding: Anonymised and aggregated visualization of the movement of more than 2.7 milion individuals on a map based on among others current location of phone, everyday travel pattern, socio-demo data, travel and internet habits, credit score and other data from the residual big data provided by mobile phone providers
  • Inviting potential customer for the grand opening: Marketing message delivery in the catchment area of selected cafes on the day of the grand opening event
  • Call to action for spontaneous walkin: Once established a great way to boost traffice is to deliver a message with a special offering when this user is in the area with a location based message.

How to get started

Screenshot 2016-01-13 18.02.48
Figure 1: Number of individuals working in the vicinity of a prefered location based on hard data

An example would be a situation close to the McDonald’s on Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava, where we could consider placing a flagship Starbucks Coffee, since more than 5000 people work in the direct vicinity (see. Figure 1 above). We would be able to immediately reach these people with a targeted SMS messages for just 0.1 euros, or at the earliest opportunity when they are back in the area. In this way we are able to analyze various suitable locations. Which gives us opportunity to make our decisions not based on feeling / expensive surveys, but based on telecommunication hard-data.

Additional applications / use-cases for Starbucks Coffee or other franchising companies

  • Selection / comparison of store sites – thanks to our map “thermometer” (ie. Heatmap) easily compare several locations
  • The acquisition of franchise managers for the franchise license – in the area of the planned site reach existing business owners, entrepreneurs and potential license holders – we have over 110.000 Slovak business owners for you to contact
  • Recruitment of new employees or potential clients
  • Contact foreigners or Slovaks who know the Starbucks Coffee brand from abroad – in Market Locator you can identify travelers (mobile roaming) and filter out those people who have recently visited selected countries or spent a long time abroad. You can then simply invite these among the first to you
  • Event promotion – within the coffee shop catchment area. For example – walking distance circle, invite people to taste your new coffee drinks
  • Boost weakest hours – happy hours for customers during off-peak, immediately send a SMS message communicating that from 14:00 – 16:00 there is a great selection of drinks for half the price with a unique coupon included in the message
  • Register new loyalty & discount cards – within each SMS you can place a short URL linking to the registration landing page of your loyalty system. Gradually register hundreds of thousands of new loyal customers with a campaign. Then work with them using your own light-weight CRM loyalty program in Market Locator
  • And many more…
Matej Misik | Market Locator

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